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Adding an item to the main menu or the tools menu

You need to add an item into Delphi's IDE for your expert?

Here is how I did it for TMultiLang..
if you do not want to use the tools menu, but instead create a new main menu entry, you need to replace the

menMain.FindMenuItem ()


menMain.InsertItem(8, '&Test', 'TestMainMenuItem', '', 0, 0, 0, [mfVisible, mfEnabled], nil);

// taken from TMultiLang source code
 constructor TMultiLangExpert.Create;
   menMain         : TIMainMenuIntf;
   menToolsGallery : TIMenuItemIntf;
   menToolsMenu    : TIMenuItemIntf;
 begin { Create } 
   Inherited Create; 
   menMain := ToolServices.GetMainMenu; // get the IDE's main menu 
   if Assigned (menMain) then 
       // get the 

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