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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Frank Aikins

Name: Frank Aikins



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Frank Aikins – Scamming Profile
• Starts out on a dating website – very slow
• After 2 weeks of basic chatting wants phone number
• Talks to you for over 8 hours, gets address and sends 2 doz red
• Moves to Yahoo IM for chatting
• Conversation stays very low key for next 3 weeks
• Tells me he is sending a box of gold and diamonds to me to keep
for when he returns to the US. He wants to start a jewelry
business and this is to be used to start the business. On the day
that it is scheduled to arrive he writes to say that it was held up at
Heathrow for insurance issues.
• He sends me a copy of his Flight Reservations for when he is to
return to the US at the end of August 2010 – which appears
• His business (Gold Works Company Ltd) begins to experience
• Ghana Bank will not release money
• Begins asking for money to meet payroll
• Then his mining trucks breakdown and warranty company will not
come out without advance payment
• Then there is a terrible fire in the main building that houses the
office and sleeping quarters of the employees – 2 employees
burned seriously – needs money for doctor – one worker dies two
days later
• Ghana Bank finally releases part of the $30,000,000
• When Frank, Kwame Oteng, and a driver go to the bank to get
their money they are robbed and shot. The driver is killed and
Frank is shot in the left hand. He needs immediate medical
attention. Doctors want $2,000 to treat wounds. Says that Ghana
is cash and carry.
• Frank doesn’t get money – he calls daily. Sounding weaker and
sicker each day. After 5 days I sent him $2,000 because I couldn’t
take it any longer
• Infection set in and Frank has to be moved to another hospital for
different treatment. Drs want $5,000 to treat.
• Kwame Oteng takes over communicating with me. He tells me
that Mr Aikins is very sick. I ask for pictures of the wound that
Frank has sustained. I received to Clip Art Pics of somebody being
transported on a gurney and a picture of a man in a hospital bed
that is not Frank.
• Doctors treat Frank but because he can not raise the $5,000 to
pay his bill he is held captive by doctor.
• His birthday comes – which coincidentally just happens to be the
same of mine. He is still being held by the doctor for payment of
his bill and his workers are expecting a money present from him
because it is his birthday.
• As far as I know Frank is still being held captive by the doctor and
his workers still haven’t received their birthday present from him.

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